Dockweiler AG

Dockweiler AG is a global provider of tube systems in stainless steel and custom-made

productions for plants in the semiconductor and pharma industry, biotechnology, analytics

as well as photovoltaics.

The core business of the company is the development of

installation solutions for high purity liquid and gas media and their application in research projects and high-tech industries.

Dockweiler is located in North Germany in Neustadt-Glewe, in the german Land of Mecklenburg-

Vorpommern between Berlin and Hamburg. Dockweiler AG employs more than 170 people at their headquarters in Neustadt-Glewe plus a further 40 people in the electropolishing facility.


We are pleased to introduce:


Production area : approx 59,000 ft²
Warehouse  area: approx  75,000 ft²
Clean room area Production: approx   1,300 ft²
Clean room area electropolishing: approx   860 ft²

In 2012, Dockweiler Asia Co., Ltd was founded to serve the Asian market even better and faster.



  • Pharmaceutical Industry / Biotechnology
  • Semiconductor
  • Analytics
  • Photovoltaics
  • Quality Type for GAS Transportation
  • Tubes
  • Fittings
  • Components
  • Customized solutions
punti di forzaCompetences
  • High experience in surface treatment : electropolishing – anodic cleaning for oxygen service (cfos)
  • High experience in orbital welding executions
  • High experience in quality test and certificates
  • High experience in special executions in clean room


Zone Clean Room Class Functions
Prep &

Packing Area

ISO classe 6 /

Class 1000 (Fed. Std.)

Preparation and packing of


Core Clean Room ISO class 4 /

Class 10 (Fed. Std.)

Assembly, welding and


Gowning Area & Air


Preparation for entering the

Clean room

dimensioni e materialiMaterials

IMPERIAL, ISO and DIN, 304L, 316L, 1..4404, 1.4435, C22, AL6XN, C276 etc.

    Via Valparaiso 5 - Milano 20144
    Tel. +39 02 43319221/434
    Mail: - P. Iva 10979580155

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